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Deondra is committed to addressing the pressing concerns that impact the lives of Salt Lake County residents. Here are the key issues she is dedicated to tackling.

Access to mental health services will continue to be a priority for Deondra. Mental health concerns have crossover into many issues that affect our communities, and Deondra believes in the importance of all families having access to care. Deondra will continue to push for policies that encourage those in need to seek help, in the honor of families like hers who have been affected by this epidemic.

Mental Health Services

With over a decade of experience in the field of child safety and violence prevention, Deondra is a tireless voice for children and promotes policies that keep them safe from harm. As a public servant, Deondra is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure families are safe and protected.

Child Safety & Protection

We know that so many of our unsheltered friends struggle with mental health. That it can lead to difficulties holding down a job, making ends-meet, and improving the direction of their lives. In addition to continual efforts and projects that help the homeless community with shelters and housing, I support any efforts to extend mental health care so we can help more people.

Support for the Unsheltered Population

Deondra supports policies and creative ways county government can do their part to keep costs low and allow greater access to housing. Deondra supports projects that promote affordable housing and initiatives that help residents to stay in our county.

Cost of Living

Deondra supports funding for the arts and arts education programs. She believes in the ability of the arts to elevate the community and enhance child development. Initiatives that promote the arts and outreach into all communities across the county are a priority.

Arts & Education Programs

Air quality and water conservation affect our quality of life and the future we leave for our children. Deondra is committed to working with local and state stakeholders to promote sustainability efforts and encourage innovative strategies to mitigate their effects.

Air & Water Conservation

Utah has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation, particularly in the 10-17 year age group. Deondra supports funding for county crisis services so those at risk are never without support. This issue is personal for Deondra, as she lost a cousin to suicide a few years ago. She hopes to honor his memory by working for more expansive services to prevent suicide.

Suicide Prevention

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